Berlin is a metropolis for openness and tolerance. Not only because Berlin is one of the leading Gay-Travel-Destinationen worldwide. With the "pink pillow Berlin Collection" visitBerlin and Berlin hotels strengthen the city's attractiveness as a destination for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersexuelle travellers and set new standards with its own hotel collection. It includes hotels, where one issue is central: that every guest is accepted as he or she is.

Rooms at enjoy-Hotel

max. 5 minutes to location:

  • Comfort single room for 55 EUR/night
  • Comfort double room for 65 EUR/night
  • Economy single room for 35 EUR/night
  • Economy double room for 45 EUR/night

All rates per room incl. breakfast and VAt. Further informationen Enjoy Hotel is partner of pink pillows.

Booking is possible until 28.06.2017, use direct link ! When there type in "ESSDA EC 2017" for Stichwort at the login.

Rooms at ibis-Hotel

about 15 minuten to location:

  • single room for 80 EUR/night
  • double room for 91 EUR/Nacnightht

All rates per room incl. breakfast and VAt. Further informationen here.

Booking is possible until 14.06.2017 per E-Mail ( ), telefon (+49 30 862020) and/or using this form (first at Downloads) with the keyword (Stichwort) "ESSDA EC 2017".

Hosted Housing

As a participant of the EC2017 you will find the opportunity to look for privat bed offers, if you don't want to book a hotel. Please give us a little more time to organize the hosts, who are part of the queer and dancing scene in Berlin.

As an accepted Outreach participant you will have priority in getting a place at a private host's home.