Anniversary celebration & opening of exhibition

We celebrate the 10-year-jubilee of the European same sex dance association (ESSDA)! The ESSDA has moved the same sex dance competition dancing during the last 10 years and changed it. Time, to look back and to look at our today's situation critically and cheerful. With the contributions from the inside of the ESSDA as well as from accompanying friends we will receive enough stimulations to discuss with wine, juice and sandwich. On the occasion of the jubilee the photo exhibition „Same sex dance competition– moments“ is inaugurated. The exhibition shows different facets of our sport and confronts and enchants us with unusual points of view.

Only for ESSDA-members and invited guests!

Time: Wednesday, 26. 07. 2017, 20:30

Place: Gretel-Bergmann-Halle


  • Opening by the district mayor of Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf Reinhard Naumann
  • Moderation: Andrea Schlinkert &Lady Olivia
  • Inside view 10 years of ESSDA: Hadass Armon & Davy Brocatus, presidents of the ESSDA
  • Accompanying view 10 years of ESSDA: Thorsten Reulen (sport committee DVET) & Dörte Lange (president DVET)
  • Opening of the photo exhibition by Kerstin Kallmann, Cornelia Wagner & Jürgen van Buer

Sponsored by: Spiritus Mundi, Die Stulle, Der Kuchenladen