Traditional brunch on the day afterwards

This is our tradition: On the day after the Berlin Open we always meet to gossip & tattle on the sunny terrace of our club home. We for sure also do so after the EC 2017! There is an extensive refreshment bar as well as coffee, tea, juices, waters. Many will come!! The following tips:

  • More people will come than cups are there. So: Please bring your own cup, so that the existing cups remain for the guests!
  • Who is able, please bring input for the buffet (and signs up before on the list in the sports centre / club home). Who has brought something to eat, then takes part free of charge at the brunch.
  • The guests pay their contribution of 5 EUR on site (not before) in which everything is included (refreshment bar and beverages).
  • Traditionally the sun is shining! In case of rain we will brunch inside the club home.