Entry Fee

The fees include:

  • participation in the tournament
  • entrance fee on all days
  • entrance fee for the closing ball

The competition fee costs:

  • The competition fee for one competition (e.g. only adults ballroom):
    • 40 EUR for ESSDA-members*
    • 45 EUR for all others
  • The competition fee for more competition (e.g. adults ballroom & adults latin or show group & seniors 10 dances):
    • 50 EUR for ESSDA-members*
    • 55 EUR for all others

The deadline for registration is the 20th of July 2017. All registrations up to that date will be published in the programme. Despite this belated registration will be possible until the day of the tournament.

* All individual members of ESSDA-members listed here (see http://essda.eu/links/) are considered as ESSDA-members and are eligible for the reduced fee. Not eligible are members of clubs which are only indirect linked toESSDA via their clubs.

/// Important to know for all dancers, who are dancing their first same-sex competion respectivly who are dancing exclusivly in a show group: DVET and ESSDA together award a grant of 10 EUR to your participation fee. With this the both associations want to encourage new starting dancers to dance their first same sex tournament and to show their special appreciation to show groups. The grant of the DVET is given to 30 dancers from Germany as a special part of their sport promotion. The grant of the ESSDA is given as a part of the celebration of Essda's 10th anniversary. The first 60 participants may grant for the subsidy ( first come - first served principle).///