Photo exhibition: Same sex Dancing – Moments

The same sex dancing competitions offer moments of special elegance, zest for life, sporting spirit and intimacy - which offer also other dancing contests. Furthermore same sex dancing contests offer these moments of surprise, which result from the breaks with hetero-normative - as well as with queer - seeing habits. Because of this, different photographers have always accompanied these events and keep their memories within their photos. Moreover, for a long time more and more photographers have outgrown from merely documenting. The professional equipment doesn't only permit photos of excellent quality. Their artistic claim also drives the photographers. As a result, we find photos, which touch their observers, give them the heebie-jeebies or make them smile.

The photographers, René Bolcz, Jürgen van Buer, Dante, Karla Pixeljäger, Henri T. and Mandy Simon are active competition dancers, non-competing dancers or simply long-standing fans of same sex dancing.

In 2015 pinkballroom had decided for the first time to withdraw a small choice of lovely photos from the unexploited depths of the Internet and to join them in a calendar. Innumerable further treasures still wait for their publication. In Berlin we take the European Championship as an opportunity to publish selected parts of these treasures in the photo exhibition "Same sex dancing today – moments”. Actually, you can rummage through different photo albums at facebook . The number of the visitors regularly goes to the 4-digit area.

With the exhibition we want to:

  • set up a temporary "monument" to the dancers, spectators and other ones involved in same sex dancing today.
  • celebrate each other.
  • honor the untiring photographers who not only experience the tournament looking exclusively through the lens but also kill the time with processing the pictures during the following days and nights.
  • open and sharpen the spectator’s views for the special moments for which they perhaps haven't been aware yet.
  • propose beginners to take part in a tournament.

In the exhibition we want to show the whole range of our sport:

  • Preparing & Warm-up: the concentration before the tournament.
  • Intimacy & Eroticism: the public couple.
  • Sport & Dynamics: athleticism and (highest) performance.
  • Elegance & Posing: beauty and expression.
  • Diversity & Roles: the great variety in a queer sport.
  • Audience & Community: the other team.
  • Officials & Adjudicators: the tournament is work as well.

The exhibition is organised by pinkballroom in der TiB 1848 e.V. together with the Berlin photographer Jürgen van Buer and is supported by the European Same-Sex Dance Association (ESSDA), the Deutschen Verband für Equality-Tanzsport (DVET) and the dem Landestanzsportverband Berlin (LTV Berlin). 

The exhibition will be able to be seen during the European Championship 2017 in Berlin for the first time. Following the exhibition can be visited in the town hall of Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf between 01.08. and 14.09.2017. Further exhibition dates will be announced.