OTK Schwarz-Weiß 1922 in the Sport Club Siemensstadt

OTK Schwarz-Weiß 1922 is the dance division of one of the largest Berlin sports clubs, the Sports Club Siemensstadt, and was founded on January 1st 2004 when the oldest Berlin dance sport club Schwarz Weiss Berlin 1922 merged with the dance division of the Sports Club Siemensstadt, the Olympia dance club. With over 500 members, the OTK Schwarz-Weiß 1922 is one of the largest divisions of the Sports Club Siemensstadt (with all together more than 5000 members) as well as one of the biggest organizations in the regional sports association Berlin. Several national, as well as world championship titles, have been won during the last decades.
With its five formations (from national league to regional league North) in standard, jazz and modern dance, about 50 tournament couples of all age groups, as well as all together 30 children and adult groups in hobby dance, line dance and Argentinian tango, the OTK offers an interesting range of dance classes. The OTK, together with the btc Grün-Gold, has been hosting the biggest dance tournament in Berlin, the Blaue Band of the Spree, for 30 years now. Will the first equality-dance couple in club history (the OTK Schwarz-Weiß has just turned 95 years old) compete in the EC 2017?