Pinkballroom & btc Grün-Gold

pinkballroom was founded in 1998 as part of the preexisting sports club btc Grün Gold (currently called “dance division in the Turngemeinde in Berlin 1848”) Ever since, same sex couples have had the opportunity to train together with other like-minded individuals for the then new tournament form of same sex dance - or to just dance for the fun of it.
At that point in Germany, pinkballroom was at the forefront of same sex dance integration into a DTV dance sport club. Since then, dancers have been able to polish their high level skills during tournament training or just improve their regular dance skills in a relaxed environment in one of the many popular sports clubs. Many German, European as well as World champions have come out of pinkballroom and it belongs to one of the most successful clubs in equality dance sport.
The annual tournament Berlin Open, during which national and international dancers, as well as the audience, regularly surpass all expectations, is legendary. The “traditional same sex dance club” pinkballroom has already hosted two German championships – the first in 2005 and the ninth in 2013. And now the European Championship will follow in 2017!
The Turngemeinde Berlin was founded in 1848 as the first sports club in Berlin-Brandenburg. Today, it is amongst the ten largest sports clubs in Berlin with more than 5500 members. In 2000, the former sports clubs Grün-Gold and Berlin dance sport club merged into the TiB 1848 ev. The club Grün-Gold was founded in 1959 and initiated the first dance tournament Blaues Band der Spree in 1973, which is one of the biggest dance tournaments in Germany today. The Berlin dance sport club was founded the same year. The dance division offers a wide array of tournament training and popular sports, great rooms and a beautiful atmosphere for more than 300 members.