Queer & Fun Competition

You are in to Entertainment or you love to dance and even you love to dress up. Forever you wanted to dance with your beloved, your friend or relatives. You always wanted to change roles with your dance partner.  You know how to dance and there is no way for you to compete in a traditional competition of EC. You don’t know how to dance, but you always dreamed of performing on this stage. It doesn’t matter to us why you participate. We have this special offer to you: 


The Queer & Fun Competition is all about having fun. That could be because of you great Outfits or because of an impulsively role exchange or a new couple constellation. Maybe it is a crazy choreography! Anything goes! Please feel invited into tackiness, imbalance, exaggerated attitude, even more: just refreshing non-musical sense. The point is: It should please you!

You can join, if you are over 16 years (see special criteria for „Berliner-Diven-Award“). New and unusual couples throughout different countries and continents are especially welcome. If you change roles (or at least not dance your usual role as in competitions) you may join as well. Please come together in new and unusual couples throughout different countries and continents.

There are no Judges, but a special Jury. Therefore come together VIPs of the Equality-Community, of the queer Dance school milieu and other folks:

  • Gabriele Urbanek, dance sport boutique, the expert for awesome outfits.
  • Angelika Staudinger, ambassador for the dancing school MAXIXE, since 1997 she dances there and in other dancing scholls ballroom, latin & tango.
  • Tobias Wozniak, ambassador for the dancing school Walzerlinksgestrickt, he is training there ballroom & latin
  • Günther Schon, Portal Gleichtanz – The Berlin online portal for same sex dancing.
  • Christoph Neumann, dancing school bebop, with bebop he founded in 1988 the first „commercial“ dancing school in berlin, which explicitly wanted to seperate from mainstream dancing; in 1996 Christoph was in charge of the dance tournaments at the EuroGames Berlin.
  • Inken Vogel, representative from VIVANTES, amateur dancer from passion and spectator with enthusiasm

It is not about winning. It is about having fun on the dance floor. So if you are full of burning ambition then have in mind: jollity, extravagance, outfit (or even more like furniture) and last but not least fitness.


The will be following competitions take place:

  • „Berliner-Diven-Award“

Start Friday 15:10

Competition with two dances on songs of two wellknown Berlin singers:

  1. Foxtrott/ChaCha to "Ich bin die fesche Lola"/"I am the sexy Lola" of Marlene Dietrich, this song is originally a foxtrott (the dance we all learned before the quickstep, not the slowfox!!!), but you may also dance a ChaCha...
  2. Slow Waltz/Viennese Waltz to "Für mich solls rote Rosen regnen"/"For me it shall rain red roses" of Hildegard Knef, this original version changes regularly between Slow and Viennese  Waltz, no problem: your are not obliged to dance in rhythm;-)
  • Round: first round and a final.
  • Participation: Couples, which is not an usual competition couple. If you change roles (or at least not dance your usual role as in competitions) you may join as well. No A-Level dancers of the EC 2017.

So what needs to be done? Dance. You may feel as a diva, but you don't need to.

What needs to be done? Just dance Polka or something similar with your dance partner. Like Rheinländer? If you don’t know the dance Polka, get creative (Jump?!) or you take part at the introduction into the Polka.


  • „Schwanensee-Award“
    • Start Friday 17:30
    • Dance: Freestyle/Show
    • Participation: min. 2 Dancer, no limitation
    • Rounds: just one final. No first round
    • Music: Schwanensee from Tschaikowsky, 1:30 Minute

What needs to be done? As a couple or a show group go creative for a little choreography fitting the music or just not. Anything goes. The audience will welcome any special effects or extraordinary ideas. Please check YouTube for parody of Schwanensee or here.


The different Queer & Fun Tournaments will take place Friday, 28.07.2017, between 14:00 and 20:00: You may dance all three tournaments or select only one oft hem. The Queer & Fun Tournaments are no official parts of the European Championships – no titles “European Champions” are awarded.

Registration: At the Competition. At least 30 minutes before start, so on the 28th until 13:30. For us and the timetable it would be very helpful receiving your registration via email days ahead. The Email goes to info@pinkballroom.de

There will be no extra charge. It is already included with the day ticket of 28.07.2017.