Become a sponsor!

Sponsors with adverts in the program booklet:

The 1000 copies of the A5 program booklet will be distributed to the participants and viewers at the 3-day event. The adverts cost:

  • A full page advert in the program booklet: 240.00 € plus VAT
  • A half page advert in the program booklet: 120.00 € plus VAT
  • A quarter page advert in the program booklet: 80.00 € plus VAT

Main sponsors with Logo for advertising:

With the logo, the main sponsors have a particularly intensive involvement with the event. The main sponsor package includes:

  • Logo on the website (all pages)
  • Logo on all flyers and posters, as well as on the title page of the program booklet.

Individual measures by arrangement.

The flyers (approx. 5000) and posters (approx. 500) will be distributed before the event in the queer scene and the dance scene, as well as Europe-wide in the queer dance scene.

The package for main sponsors costs 600.00 € flat rate (plus VAT, advertisement in the program booklet is not included).

More options:

Sponsors can also contribute with donations, which support the event, or with vouchers that benefit the participants. In this case the consideration will be agreed individually. For example, only one banner can be hung during the event for approx. 100.00 € per m² (plus VAT).


For further information please do not hesitate to contact us at [].