What you can do for us!

For this great event we need support - from all of you.

We need :     

  • helping hands so that dancers and spectators are completely supplied ,     
  • a tiny bit of money so that we can offer a great event for everybody ,     
  • beds , where our guests feel at home .

With this form you can take part and let us know whether you intend to show up as a helper at the event, as a host for the guest or just with the gladly taken share of your bank account. Fill in your name, select the appropriate section and write a few words what you want to offer! Please give us information abour how you can help and what activities you can not accept . If you don't wish to use the form feel free to send an email to us at [info@pinkballroom.de].


We need helping hands for different tasks before and during the event:

  • Preparation of catering (Kuchen, Brötchen, Salat etc.)
  • running the catering
  • Entrance checkl & Ticket sale
  • setting & dismounting & cleaning
  • Security
  • thousand other things



Without the help of our sponsoring partners there would be no Event to celebrate. We offer different options to sponsor us. They all reach a lot of people:

  • Queere szene in Berlin as well as queer Berlin visitors
  • Queere dancing szene worldwide
  • Dancing szene in Berlin
  • Everybody engaged in sports in Berlin



Help us and make sure you get one of these great offers:

  • Entry fee on all three days and the ball
  • Berlin-Open-Calender 2017/2018
  • suprise cup
  • Catalogue of the foto exhibition “Same Sex Dance Sport – Moments”


Offer hosted housing

Many participants and spectators from (almost ) all over the world will come to us. Not everyone can or want to afford hotel. Some are just looking to connect with the local scene . We can only host a really international event for everyone, if you help us and offer your spare beds.