„I am dancing my first European Championship“

You recently decided: "I'm starting on the European Championship 2017!"

But: "How do I actually do that?" Maybe you do not know yet whether you really want to start...

Pinkballroom offers a workshop series with 10 appointments as preparing dancers for the European Championship 2017.

 It is mainly addressed to dancers who have not yet danced an Equality tournament but beeing already able to dance basic steps.

The workshop series does not replace dancing classes. Beginners should first visit the dance schools of their trust.

In all six dances, that will be danced in ballroom and latin, first basic figures will be repeated (technique / rhythm) an arranged as a basic sequence for the tournament – you are free to use the sequence, but do not have to.

 In addition to the dances, the special features that distinguish dancing in a tournament from regular dance practice or an evening ball, will be shown and practices with the coaches.

The individual workshops take 1  1/2 hours dance practice by our pinkballroom coaches Gabriella Davis, Pascal Herrbach, Gergely Darabos and Guido Bouwmann, and were completed by an exchange on various topics afterwards.

The series takes place on Sunday, 07.05.2017 - 23.07.2017, always 10:30 - 12:30.

The fee amounts € 40,- for pinkballroom members & women each, and € 60,- for everyone else.

All further information about content and registration (in German) here.

We look forward to seeing you!